Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Error: Invalid User Authorization. The user authentication passed to the platform is not valid

If you receive this error in CRM 4.0, defintely it's a Rollup update and Active Directory Issue.

I've seen this with CRM 4.0 and Windows Server 2008 R2

I had this error and googled it and found a lot of posts, some of them comparing the users in the config db with the organization db, others asking for restarting the Microsoft CRM Asynchronous Processing Service

Nothing of the posted solutions worked with me, so I uninstalled the rollup update 7 and it's working fine.

so I tried it with Rollup updates 8,7,6,5,4,3

Only Rollup update 3 solved all my problems and worked like a charm.

Update: Make sure to give the network service user crm read role on the organization and configuration databases.


  1. This is my first installation and so I need a bit of more help on the same issue that you have described. I have CRM on on server and SQL on another. Where and how to install roll up 3. Also how can I find if any other roll up is installed because I can't find in Windows Install list

  2. Hi Ahsan,

    you can check show updates in the programs and features in control panel to see the previos rollups installed, and you need to install it on the crm server.

  3. Hi

    what do you mean by roll update solved all my problems ? did u uninstall or install ?

  4. Hi Mavrick,

    I un-installd it and ran crm, then installed the latest

  5. I have the same problem nobody user can access to crm