Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CRM 4.0 Recycle Bin

CRM 4.0 doesn't support the undelete / restore function, once you delete the record, it marks it as deleted and delete it physically in the next sweep.

CRM supports Activate/ De-activate to cover this but I faced a requirements regarding this, having a recycle bin in CRM 4.0 for the deleted and still in the DB records,

so said why not, let's have it.

please find the first trial on code plex soon it is under this link: http://crmrecycle.codeplex.com/


  1. Hi Ahmed,

    i faced a situation where a customer deleted accidently Records by using bulk record in MS dynamics crm data migration tool a month ago and now requires to restore that records and no backup available i saw your tool "recycle Bin" did this tool be suitable to recovery.

  2. Hello Taher,

    as you notice in the beginning of the post the records in CRM stays marked as deleted till the next sweep, once the sweep happens there is no way to recover these deleted data.